Michigan City Lighthouse in Winter Photos

Michigan City Lighthouse in Winter Photos

The East Pier Lighthouse in Michigan City, Indiana is always a spectacular place to take photos year round. During colder winters, Lake Michigan often freezes up along the shoreline forming ice shelves which come in all sizes and shapes. In the summer, beautiful sunsets take place often times with a clear Chicago skyline in the background. The Michigan City Lighthouse is a well-known local landmark and draws tourists and beach goers to it every year.

Frozen Michigan City Lighthouse Photos Draw Photographers

The Michigan City Lighthouse is a popular place for photographers in the winter and is easily accessed from Washington Park along Lake Michigan on the city’s north side. If you are unfamiliar with Northwest Indiana, take I-94 to Exit 34 – Michigan City US-421 and head north. Take US-421 (Franklin Street) north all the way to Washington Park (about 4 miles).

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FEATURED PHOTO: Michigan City Lighthouse in the Winter

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